Beekeeping is one of the most ancient crafts known to man, honey has been used

for thousands of years but we are just starting to appreciate what was learnt, that honey is

good for you.


Proverbs 24:13 says, "Eat honey my son, for it is good for you;

honey from the comb is sweet to your taste."




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Welcome to amazing BeeWorld!

“BeeWorld” is a Beekeeping Development Fund based in Martuni village,

Gegharkunik region, Armenia.. At BeeWorld we are focused on providing high quality bee products with the highest levels of customer satisfaction –

we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.



Without doubt, bees belong to the most precious and amazing little wonders of nature. Bees are playing a vital role in our ecosystem, providing pollination to a large variety of plants, helping to provide the food for us.

The existence of bees is threatened by the impact of human civilisation on the environment and the bee population is steadily declining. How we humans interact with nature does not always seem to be guided by wisdom but greed and what is most profitable or comfortable for us.Not only for the sake of our bees, but for our own survival we must ensure the

survival of our bees.

tasting room


By visiting the degustation room of Beeworld you will enjoy not only the incomparable and pure honey of Alpine fields but will also taste propolis, beebread, drone milk, will get acquainted with the usefulness and ways of making and use of honey and other products.

Apitherapy is a contemporary developing rehabilitation method during which the warmth and the unique energy emerging in the process of bee work is used. The tourists will be suggested to improve their well-being by directly contacting the bees, enjoying all honey-bee products.

The hospitable roof of the Beeworld is looking forward with love to everyone who likes healthy, clean and home-made dishes. Here we make traditional Armenian dishes, serve pure country food and drinks.

The products of “Beeworld” are diverse – all honey products – honey, propolis, drone milk, beeswax, beebread, they are offered in convenient packing which is easy to carry and very affordable. We also offer ceramic items – items used in household, jewelry and souvenirs, made of local clay.

This website was created in 2016 within the frameworks of the program “Promotion to the Development of Tourism in Chambarak Area of Gegharkunik Region” which is implemented by “Cross of Armenian Unity” NGO with the funding of “Armenian Caritas”.